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Enrolment to a General Practice is totally voluntary but encouraged by the Ministry of health.

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The Ministry of health provides funding to General Practices to provide services to patients enrolled with the GP clinics. Such services may be reduced consultation fees with the GP, reduced cost of procedures or subsidised psychological counselling services, etc. Naturally the PHO will only make these services available to their enrolled patients. Other advantages not related to a specific PHO is reduced prescription fees from the pharmacy.

Visit this page to see the big difference in the cost between an enrolled patient and a casual patient at Victoria Park Medical Suites Auckland GP.

You can enrol with a medical centre today and next day change your medical centre. It is the responsibilities of the medical centres to make the appropriate changes and notify the Ministry of Health.

You can go to any other medical centre you want at any time (you are not restricted in which doctor you can see). But the other medical centres could charge you at their casual patient rate if you are not enrolled with them.

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If you would like to enrol with us, please:

Download and fill out the enrolment form, sign and date it by hand or electronically -> post it or scan/email it to us together with a copy of your NZ passport / Residency Visa / Working Visa / NZ Birth Certificate to prove your eligibility status.  That way we can process your enrolment immediately.

Please note that your enrolment cannot be confirmed unless all mandatory fields (*) are filled out correctly and the form signed and dated, in accordance with Ministry of Health / PHO Agreement.