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Medical Packages

Victoria Park Medical Suites belongs to the Onshore Panel Physician Network for completing Immigration New Zealand medical examinations.




General Medical Certificates

Children under 11 years old: $95 (exam)

Children 11-14 years old; $105 (exam, urine test)

Children 11-14 years old: $205 (exam, urine test, chest x-ray)

15 years old & over: $235 (exam, urine & blood tests)

15 years old & over: $335  (exam, urine & blood tests, chest x-ray) 

70 years old & over: $410 (exam, urine & blood tests, chest xray, Activities of Daily Living (ADL) Assessment, Mini Mental examination (MME))


Limited Medical Certificates

Limited Medical Certificate: children under 11 years old: $95 (exam)

Limited Medical Certificate: children 11-14 years old: $105 (exam)

Limited Medical Certificate: children 11-14 years old: $205 (exam, chest x-ray)

Limited Medical Certificate: 15 years old & over: $170 (exam & blood tests)

Limited Medical Certificate: 15 years old & over: $270 (exam, blood tests & chest x-ray)


Chest x-ray ONLY $150 (no exam or blood tests)


Children under 11 years of age and pregnant women do not need to have a chest x-ray unless a special report is needed.   Please inform us if you are pregnant or you think you might be pregnant.

All prices inclusive of GST

The above prices do NOT include:

  • follow-up consultations with the doctor (eg in cases where the blood results or xray result are abnormal, follow-up consultation will be required to discuss these with the doctor)
  • additional tests

If you would like make an appointment to have your Immigration Medical done at Victoria Park Medical Suites, or have some questions relating to our Immigration Medical service, please send us an email, or give us a call on (09) 557 3333 (and press option 2).  If we cannot answer your call immediately, please leave your name and your contact number and a brief message, and we will get back to you before closing of business on the same day.


At Victoria Park Medical Suites we offer one of the cheapest Immigration Medical Examination package in Auckland.


Examination by doctor Urine Test Chest X- ray Blood Test Breast Examination (woman only) ADL and MME
0 – 11 Years  +
11 – 14 Years + +  +/-
15 years and over + + +/- +
45 years and over + + +/- + +
70 years and over + + +/-  + + +



The blood tests are taken at our clinic,

Urine is also tested at our clinic.  If the urine is persistently abnormal, the sample may be sent to the laboratory for a formal report (at patient’s cost).

The chest x-ray will be taken at:


Auckland Radiology Group, 79 Queen Street, Westpac Building, 4th Floor


Auckland Radiology Group, 1 Jervois Road, Ponsonby


PLEASE CONTACT US FIRST BEFORE YOU PRESENT YOURSELF AT THESE RADIOLOGY SERVICES, if you would like to take advantage of our package deals.  You will need to bring your PASSPORT with you to your chest x-ray appointment as well as to your Medical appointment at Victoria Park Medical Suites.  You do not need to make an appointment with them to have your Immigration chest x-ray, but please check their opening hours (by visiting their websites or calling them) to avoid any disappointment.

Our Immigration Medical service is provided by experienced vocationally registered General Practitioners who are not only able to perform the Immigration Medical examination but are also able to manage any conditions diagnosed during the Immigration Medical examination process. We aim to provide a fast, friendly yet professional service tailored to your specific needs.

Occasionally additional laboratory tests or other investigations (e.g. ECG) might be requested by Immigration New Zealand or by the examining doctor.  These will be charged in addition to the standard package prices above.  The doctor will discuss this with you first.


After Your Physical Exam, Blood Tests and X-ray.

If your physical examination and all tests (blood, urine, chest x-ray) are normal then we endeavor to finalise and submit your eMedical case online within 2 working days AFTER we receive all your results.

If there are any concerns in your physical examination, or any abnormalities in your test results, we will contact you as soon as possible and ask you to come in to follow these up with the examining doctor.  During this follow up consultation, the examining doctor will discuss with you the abnormalities, how it might affect your health and/or your Visa application, treatment options (if required), and need for further tests (if applicable). These follow up consultations will incur a charge.  See our fee schedule.  If additional tests are required by Immigration NZ, then additional laboratory fees are also payable by the applicant.

We would like to provide not only a fast and reasonably-priced service, but also a quality service, by vocationally registered General Practitioners Fellows who are qualified to manage any of the problems identified.