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Victoria Park Medical Suites is located at the junction of Victoria, Wellesley, Drake and Vernon Streets adjacent to Victoria Park.  The suites can be seen from the Victoria Street entrance to the park.  We are within easy walking distance from Queen Street with good public transport coverage. We are also within easy walking distance of the new Wynard Quarter and the Viaduct, as well as the Ponsonby, Herne Bay, St Mary’s Bay and Freemans Bay.

We are a brand-new GP practice inside an architect-designed clinic in the exciting Auckland CBD area. The 2 principal GPs are vocationally trained RNZCGP College Fellows who are passionate about delivering clinically up-to-date primary care services to patients in a modern and well-equipped facility. We believe having staff feeling valued and supported as well as having fun at work is important for building a successful practice.

Victoria Park was opened in 1905 to provide breathing space for urban dwellers, and to encourage healthy living. Already, at that time, the potential detrimental effect of city living on health was recognized by the city fathers, and the need to provide amenities such as Victoria Park to counter this.

When the reclamation of land in Freemans Bay began, it was moved by the then mayor of Auckland J J Holland that it was “ necessary and expedient for public health and recreation that Freemans Bay, or 20 acres of it, be obtained as a reserve for the public.

Excerpt from Urban Village by Jenny Carlyon and Diana Morrow

In keeping with the spirit of our predecessors, Victoria Park Medical Suites aim to not only provide excellent medical care at a reasonable cost but also to promote healthy living and the prevention of illness.

We, at Victoria Park Medical Suites, aim to promote the health and well-being of the local inner city population as well as the greater Auckland Area by providing accessible, high-quality medical care for people of all ages, cultures and ethnicity.

We aim to provide medical care for our patients that consistently reflects or even exceeds the standard set by the Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners.

Victoria Park Medical Suites is a member of the Alliance Health plus PHO.


A PHO is an organization made up of health care providers such as Victoria Park Medical Suites, which takes on the responsibility of delivering health care to the people who have joined the organisation through enrolling with the individual providers.

Enrolment with the health care provider and PHO is voluntary, but people are encouraged to enroll in order to gain the benefits associated with belonging to a PHO, which include cheaper doctors visits and reduced costs on prescription medicines.

More detailed information on enrolment can be obtained by downloading the pamphlet from Ministry of Health.


At Victoria Park Medical Suites, we embrace the spirit of enrolment and believe that our patients should truly benefit from their enrolment.  Our fees reflect this sentiment and will provide a major advantage in cost savings to enrolled patients.

Please take time to view our fee schedule